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Staff Augmentation: Contract, Contract to Hire and Direct Placement

We provide Professional, Engineering and IT staff augmentation to add value to your business and help you achieve initiatives on your terms. We understand the commitment of hiring full-time employees and offer a solution that benefits your company without taking any risks. Our team of highly qualified experts provide a wide array of technical skills and expertise that your company can utilize depending on current needs. Whether you are working towards achieving a certain goal or want to launch a new initiative, we can provide the support you need while remaining flexible.

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Contract-to-hire staffing is a fast and flexible solution to get your job filled, without the headache of overextending your own resources to review resumes, interview candidates and extend offers. Our network and resources cast a wide net to attract and secure the best-in-class candidates. Our experienced recruiters source, select and screen these exceptional candidates then match them to the skills, attitude and aptitude that you require.


Direct Placement:

No matter what skill our team works to source top on-target talent with-in the parameters our clients expectation. Apps Technology unique direct placement fee structure saves our clients time and money.

Contingent Workforce Management & Emerging Technology

Apps Technology excels at managing the day-to-day logistics for our contingent employees. We develop and create a custom solution after reviewing each client’s required and desired needs. Once a solution is implemented it is constantly evaluated and modified based on risks, labor law and specific client changes in business practices or preferences.

Regardless of the size of your company you will have a dedicated account manager that has our administrative, management and HR services at their disposal. We understand businesses are not always a 9-5 operation therefore we are available 24/7 to address any issues that may arise. For high-volume contingent workforces, we can also provide an on-site manager at your location to provide close support for our assigned employees and manage any needs.

Apps Technology is continually evaluating and expanding partnerships with Workforce/HCM software solutions. Depending on our customers’ needs, Apps Technology will recommend and utilize the best partner platforms.

Scalable Solutions


We conduct an evaluation of each client’s needs based on business practices, desired services, and risks. Often our Workforce Management Solution involves several services


Independent Contractor

1099 and C2C relationships can provide excellent benefits to a company but also can come at a risk on many fronts including misclassification. We not only act as the Company or Agent of Record for these resources but provide the proper classification ensuring guaranteed compliance and indemnification.



Whether an employee is not classified correctly as an independent contractor or your company requires an effective and economical approach to contingent or temporary W2 employees, i2 can provide seamless services as the Employer of Record. In doing so, we provide compliance, onboarding, payrolling, HR functions, and assume many risks associated with W2 employment.



Today’s labor laws and associated compliance can be extremely difficult to navigate. We understand compliance and the risks involved for each state. We have a dedicated team of HR professionals, legal counsel, and immigration support to round out our already knowledgeable support team. All or part of this compliance team can be utilized based on each customer’s requirements.


Vendor Management

Using multiple vendors as with independent contractors, can be extremely valuable and an important part of your business but these too have their own unique risks. We can manage this supplier base to reduce these risks, evaluate performance, compliance and effectively streamline all vendors. We feel the key is to listen, understand, and evaluate to provide the best solution for your business needs.


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